• DRA is Full Service Debt Collection
    Law Firm Operating Since 1995.


    DRA is not a typical collection agency. DRA has abilities that far surpass that
    of a collection agency. Simply put if you received a collection letter from a
    collection agency or from a law firm, which would get you to pay?

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  • Put the power of a Law Firm to
    work collecting your money.

    We understand how businesses work and the importance of contracts,
    to the collection process.

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DRA is a full service debt collection law firm operating since 1995. Your account is handled only by an experienced lawyer, to fully and effectively utilize the full power of the Courts, along with Sheriffs, to collect your money.

Debt Collection

DRA is your debt collection solution

Is your business owed $5,000 or more from a customer for the sale of goods or services, or a loan because you gave someone credit. DRA will get you paid.

DRA is #1 commercial collection law firm in the nation. We are a law firm, not a typical collection agency or a mill operation. Our success rate is unsurpassed for collecting overdue accounts for businesses nationwide.

As a professional debt collection law firm, Debt Recovery Attorneys has the tools and expertise to collect your-earned money.

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    Law Service


    Business Litigation

    DRA understands that litigation is expensive, especially when your company faces an unknown amount of hourly legal billing. DRA has solved this problem for businesses just like yours by offering fixed flat fee retainers for both plaintiff and defendant representation. DRA also offers hourly billing on a reduced rate of $395 an hour.

    DRA is a full-service business litigation firm providing exceptions legal representation to business clients throughout California since 1995.


    Performance Driven

    Debt Recovery Attorneys is a full service debt collection law firm. Our goal is to collect your money as fast as possible. DRA is only paid when we collect your money.

    We understand time is money, and fast and effective debt recovery adds to your cash flow and enhances your financials.



    Debt Recovery Attorneys will pursue the debtor corporation as well as the directors and offices, seek pre-judgment writs, lien assets, and enforce judgments, employment of the Sheriff to install keepers, and seize and sell assets.

    DRA’s aggressive statics will get you paid faster then any other collection



    Commercial accounts are ultimately more complex. They are usually larger than retail accounts and involve more technical aspects. DRA has the resources, including asset location, skip tracing, credit reports and private investigators to locate and collect your money.

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    What Clients Say


    Yes, DRA requires that each account value be $5,000 or more.

    No. DRA is strictly business to business. However, DRA will collect debts if the debt arose out of a business relationship with an individual.

    Yes. DRA will collect anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide.

    Yes. DRA provides an aggressive approach to judgement collection.

    DRA prefers accounts no older than 120 days. However, DRA will review all submissions and provide its view of collectability to the client.