23 years of quality service in debt collection law firm

DRA is a Full Service Debt Collection Law Firm

DRA is not a typical collection agency. DRA has abilities that far surpass that of a collection agency. Simply put, if you received a collection letter from a collection agency or from a law firm, which would get you to pay?

From the initial demand letter to jury trial, our lawyers get the job done. DRA is not a mill operation, we are a dedicated law firm that provides our clients with high-yield legal options to get you paid.

Recent Success

Health Management: $157,267.53
Food Processing: $141,303.41
Partnership Dispute: $80,000.00
Medical Billing: $25,000
Judgment Collection: $100,000
Trust Dispute: $50,000

Total collected for our clients last 5 years: $2,498,130

Why DRA?

Put the power of a Law Firm to work collecting your money

DRA Collection Agency
Demand Letters
File Legal Action
Proceed to Court
Obtain Judgments
Seize and Sell Assets
Enforce Judgments