Debt Recovery Attorney

Debt Recovery Attorney, (DRA), is a law firm that specializes in nationwide commercial accounts receivable collections. DRA is a commercial collection agency, which means we only collect on business to business accounts receivable. We will collect against individuals if they are personally liable for a business debt.

As lawyers, we take a very different approach to commercial collection claims than a typical collection agency. DRA’s lawyers understand how businesses work and the importance of contracts (including sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, return merchandise authorizations, pricing discounts, sales tax laws, freight and shipping charges, returns and return policies, and other general contract terms), to the collection process.

DRA attorneys develop an understanding of your debtor’s business, as the more insight our attorneys have when performing the collection process, the higher the success rate. There typically are two initial factors that are critical to success – understanding the real reason the debtor has not paid and understanding the debtor’s personality to determine the best way to negotiate with the individual.

Often debtors do not initially reveal the true reason they did not pay their bill. Getting a debtor to talk is a key part of getting the money, so listening and letting them explain their situation has multiple benefits. We learn about the business, the personality of the person we are talking to, and the names of other people who are involved that we may be able to leverage later. We listen carefully to excuses and explanations, and ask questions to figure out what is real and what is a smokescreen. Catching a debtor in a fabrication or misleading story can ultimately be a powerful tool in accounts receivable collections.

Once we understand the real reason they did not pay, we can come up with a strategy to get the money. We have a 95% success rate with claims against open businesses. This rate is so high because our attorneys have the resources that far surpass that of a collection agency. From the initial demand letter to jury trial our lawyers get the job done. DRA is not a mill operation, we are a dedicated law firm that provides our clients with high-yield legal options to get your paid.

Simply put if you received a collection letter from a collection agency or from a law firm, which would get you to pay?