Contingency Fee

DRA is paid only when we collect your money

Non-litigated matters:

DRA is paid 25% of the amount collected. The contingent fee means you pay nothing until we collect your money.

Litigated matters:

DRA is paid 33% of the amount collected if litigation is necessary. In the event of litigation, (which is only perused at your request), you pay only the court filing fee, typically between $220 and $435, depending on the amount of debt, and the process server fee of $150.

Judgment Fees

Judgment Submitted:

DRA is paid 33% of the amount collected for judgments. There are costs associated with judgments, such as obtaining original writs of execution, abstracts of judgments, filings fees imposed by county recorders, and other court costs. There are some costs paid to the Marshall or Sheriff for seizer of assets etc.

DRA always obtains your approval before expending any costs or fees.