The Process


DRA Provides The Most Aggressive Collection Approach Available.

The process starts with a demand letter for payment. An attorney then calls the debtor to discuss settlement. If no settlement is possible, DRA sends an unfiled lawsuit to the debtor advising the suit will be filed if payment is not received. Additional follow-up calls are made. In the event your debtor refuses to pay, upon our authorization the lawsuit will be filed. At that point, aggressive litigation is prosecuted to collect your money.

Client Communication

DRA Prides Itself On Responsible Reporting And Updates To Our Clients.

At each stage of the process you will receive email communications with updates, and copies of all demand letters and emails etc. that are sent to the debtor. With litigation you are provided with copies of all pleadings and updates in real-time. DRA attorneys are available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries.